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According to some studies, 31 percent of men encounter erectile dysfunction(ED). That number increases to over 50 percent for men over the age of 40, making this a prevalent problem. Sexual dysfunction also increases due to substance addiction. This sexual dysfunction is predominant in men who abuse alcohol and cocaine. Sexual issues can start prematurely […]

Physical Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

There are clear physical warning signs of drug abuse that includes tremors, slurred speech, or impaired coordination, bloodshot eyes, and pupil larger or smaller than usual. The users may also have the unusual smells on breath, body or clothing, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, or sudden weight or loss or gain, deterioration of physical […]

10 Ways Alcohol is Shaping our Future

Alcohol can extremely affect our daily lives! Alcohol is not only entrenched in our culture, but is also shaping our future.  Alcohol affects poor economy, an increase of the death toll, and upsets the existence of our children- who are the hope of this future. Approximately 2 million of children live in a family where […]

shame addiction

Many people who are addicted to drugs experience disgrace or shame when they begin a life of recovery. While it’s vital to recognize the harmful behaviors and activities that occurred during active addiction, beating yourself over it will just aggravate the problem. Overcoming shame is a remarkable undertaking for recovering addicts. Guilt and shame are often […]