Drug & Alcohol Detox Services for Abilene, TX

We assist people in taking the first courageous step towards recovering from substance addiction. Using safe and medically-supervised facilities with custom-created detox regimens, detoxification, usually called detox, is a systematic process used to remove drugs and toxins from the body. Detox isn’t to be confused for all-encompassing rehab treatment. Detox provisions vary from patient to patient. In many instances, the ‘cold turkey’ technique isn’t appropriate. Actually, ‘cold turkey’ is often dangerous for chronic drug abusers. We utilize secure and time-tested strategies that treat all patients as people with different detox requirements. We have proudly served the Abilene, TX area for over a decade. We help people from all over the country find recovery.

Social detoxification is most commonly used by people who are expected to only experience mild withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Infrequent opiate use
  • Infrequent alcohol use
  • The social detoxification approach attempts to provide moral support to clients during their cravings and withdrawal without detox medication; however, the procedure is still supervised by nurses and counselors who care for the clients’ disposition. In social detoxification, patients are not secluded in hospital-like rooms as they detox, but are forced to integrate and socialize with other addicts in recovery. This helps addicts prepare for a serious rehabilitation program, where they will be working towards recovery in a group with other addicts.

    Detox Help for Abilene, TX

    Take the First Step

    In some serious situations, detox is a vital first step; however, detox is ONLY a first step, and not supposed to replace the comprehensive rehabilitation, or rehab, process. Unlike other detox facilities, Alcohol Services Programs provides guidance during and after a detoxification treatment as they account for the temptations to relapse after getting clean. If used together with treatment and other drug and alcohol rehab strategies, detoxification programs might be an efficient first step to overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. Recovery is achievable, and people are much more successful when detox complements drug and alcohol rehab, like Recovery Intervention Program.