Addiction is the result of a complex network of biological and psychological factors. The good news is: you can overcome addiction. Many people seeking help for an addiction are faced with fear and an overwhelming list of questions. What are my options? Will I relapse? Addiction treatment rehab centers are designed with the intent to reduce stress and anxiety. Still, you may not be so sure until you get there.

If you are struggling with an addiction, first remember that you are not alone. You’re probably wondering, “What is rehab like?” Here’s what you can expect from a typical day.

Getting Clean and Sober

Likely you will need to complete a detoxification program before you enter a rehab facility. The withdrawal process will take place in a facility that is equipped to handle withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms can be miserable. Doctors and nurses will carefully administer certain medications to ease the symptoms.

This will occur over a five to seven day period. Once you are clean and sober, you will be able to enter the rehab facility and complete the program.

You Are Free to Go

Regardless of the program and facility you choose, you will find that you are not locked in. Rehab is not meant to be a prison, even if it was a court-ordered decision.

You will be free to walk out anytime you want. Keep in mind that you may have to suffer the consequences later if rehabilitation was in a court order.

The idea here is that you must want to make a recovery. If you know that you are going to head straight back to your old habits, you are likely wasting your time and money.

In order for rehab to work for you, you must actively wish to live a healthier, sober life. This may seem like a devilish temptation, but it is only because you must be willing in order for rehab to work.

What is Rehab Like on a Typical Day?

When you enter a rehab facility, you will likely be asking in your head, “What is rehab like?”

On a typical day, you can expect a very structured schedule. Daily activities may have some variation, but you can expect to wake up early every day.

First, you will need a good, healthy breakfast to get your day going and keep your body happy and healthy. The goal of a rehab program is to integrate healthier habits into your daily routine.

From there, you may be able to take morning classes, like yoga, or you may be able to take some time to exercise, journal, or whatever else you need. Following lunch, you will begin a day of intensive therapy sessions.

Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy will give you an opportunity to share your stories and feelings. These sessions are led by a counselor and will focus on the addiction recovery process. Here you will be given knowledge that can help you gain clarity about the issues that have given rise to your addiction.

In addition to being able to share your stories, group therapy offers group members a feeling of camaraderie. This is meant to provide group support and promote the understanding that you are not alone in this journey.

Individual Behavioral Therapy

In addition to group therapy sessions, you will also need to complete individual therapy sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is employed to identify any triggers and your specific responses.

Your therapist will be able to help you identify these trigger and develop new, healthier ways of responding to them. This is your opportunity to confide in another individual about your fears and anxieties.

Short Breaks and Free Time

During the course of the day, you will need a break from therapy. In addition to meals, you will have breaks to exercise, work on assignments, journal, or otherwise reflect on your recovery.

When you are preparing to leave for rehab, be sure to bring things to occupy your time. This may include musical instruments, books, a journal, crossword puzzles, or any other sober activities you enjoy.

Some facilities will have pools or other amenities that you can use during your free time. If you need to pray or meditate, you will, of course, have time throughout the day to do so.

Addiction Affects the Whole Family

In addition to the above therapy sessions, you will probably engage in family therapy sessions. Addiction is difficult for the whole family. It can foster codependency, enabling behaviors, and a lot of anger.

Family therapy sessions are aimed at addressing these issues. Family support is crucial in addiction recovery. A person is more likely to have a successful recovery if he or she has the support of the family.

Weekends and Special Privileges

Some rehab facilities encourage sober activities on the weekends. These may include trips to the beach, family visits, bowling, or movies.

If you are able to meet your goals and are able to remain sober, you may be awarded special privileges. These could be weekend passes or unaccompanied trips outside of the facility.

Special privileges are intended to keep you motivated through the process of recovery. Remember that the people in your life want to see you succeed.

Taking Steps Toward a Healthier Future

Addiction recovery is a long and difficult process for many people. If you are considering rehab, you may be wondering, “What is rehab like?” Before you take the leap into the journey, remember that you are not alone.

Rehab facilities are designed to be a place for you to build the foundations for a better future. You will learn new, healthier habits and how to manage your triggers.

Therapy is a large part of any rehabilitation program, but you will still have time to yourself and even be able to see your friends and family.

The road to recovery may look long and winding, but we are here to help. If you would like to know more about what to expect, visit our blog.